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This unintentionally awesome video is one of the examples in this story about how and why the ad industry is targeting the olds in a whole new way.

Rise Of The Olds: Advertising Catches Up With A New Demographic

The perennially ignored over-60 demographic is silent no more. From music videos to film, older people are everywhere. And now even the ad industry can’t ignore them.

Find & Make Your Own Infographics With

If you like clever data visualizations, you’ll love, a startup that lets you find and make infographics with all kinds of web-based data. The site aims to be a repository for graphically organized information on the web, as well as a marketplace and community for publishers, designer…

The internet of things

More ‘things’ on the internet than people…the need for turning data into information has become even greater. Automation, efficiency and a system of systems - I love this initiative from IBM…CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE

Wallet of the future?


Is your phone the wallet of the future? | Circuit Breaker - CNET News

On Thursday, Intuit and Mophie (maker of the JuicePack battery for iPhone) will introduce the Complete Credit Card Solution, which fits over the iPhone 3G and 3GS like the JuicePack and has a credit-card reader that uses Intuit’s 18-month-old GoPayment mobile payment software. It will be available as an iPhone accessory in Apple Stores.

The idea is to allow small businesses or anyone who needs to process payments that doesn’t have a permanent place to plug in a cash register to be able to accept something other than cash on a device many people already have. The hope is consumers would find this more convenient than keeping cash on hand when they want to make a purchase, even from a nontraditional retailer.

Not rules, tools.

imageA Digital Direct open source wiki that acts as a knowledge bank for the whole industry (even in NZ)…thanks to our friends at OgilvyOne London

Not rules, tools.

A Digital Direct open source wiki that acts as a knowledge bank for the whole industry (even in NZ)…thanks to our friends at OgilvyOne London!


FOAK Tales: A Prescription for Prediction (via IBMLabs)

True stories from IBM’s First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) program, which pairs IBM researchers with clients to bring incredible discoveries and possibilities into view. This first episode brings you the wonderful tale about how IBM researchers and clients came together to create an innovative solution for a hospital based on clever stream computing software.

Tim Berners-Lee

TED University 2010 and the power of open data. (click link above)

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